Shaun Neil Pater

The above image is in the public domain and easily found using any search engine as the judge ordered “No publication ban” regarding the 2X Registered Sex Offender (for life) known as Shaun Neil Pater also found in reports of the same person is the name AKA Shaun Neil Roth, Shawn Pater and sometimes referred to as “Shane”

If you see this individual or anyone associated with him do not approach him, humiliate him, harass him, threaten physically, emotionally or mentally.

If you have information regarding any, possible or suspicious activities or crimes committed contact your local police dispatch via 911

Under no circumstances approach this individual or his companions.

If there are actions by this person or his companions that concern you, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Do not pause to report to social media.

I advocate for vigilance / vigilant behaviour with absolutely no vigilante-like behaviour towards this person or any person, allegedly, under investigation, arrest, parole/probation, convicted or a registered sex offender in Canada or anywhere in the world = PROTECT child(ren).

Are the, reported, vehicles stored behind the gate which Strata fee payer(s) provide the financial base and parking of said vehicles? That may be, time will tell. 

I have been of this mind for decades or my convicted X 3 sexual offender (pedophile) could have had his life ended with just my nod. He did not deserve to die for that which he could not help being anymore than my LGBTQ* friends can change their orientation. I am a #SafetyPin for them, I will do my utmost be be civil to any person in need of a person to protect your right to lawfully pursue a joy full life. #IWillStandByYou.

Do not believe for a moment that I will not go through any channels necessary to ensure that pedophiles and registered sex offenders are quite aware that WE ARE WATCHING YOU – always. Even when you scurry about under cover of darkness or in any of the multitude of vehicles that are, reportedly, available for your use.

Are the, reported, vehicles stored behind the gate which Strata fee payer(s) provide the financial base and parking of said vehicles? That may be, time will tell. We see you. I see you and your supporters.

I will do anything I can legally do to ensure that all children are safe from your and your ilk’s attention.

I hereby advocate for the Criminal Justice System of British Columbia take moves to have: Shaun Neil Pater of the city of Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada declared a “High-Risk Person” as laid out under Preventative Recognizances: Conditions for High-Risk Persons process found here

A list of “The hits just keep on coming” for the list of reported trials, hearings, lifting of restrictions, conditions of probation that have been repeatedly violated, the “uttering threats” towards a probation officer. This is a list in reverse public domain reports of the various charges, convictions, probation requirements, broken probation charges, restrictions against Shaun Neil Pater to not contact via any means at least one person in authority. (e.g. Uttering threats, as well as reports of his inability to comprehend or be part of sex offender treatment that has led me to this point in time.

A list of charges and convictions limited only to online reports include: one 20 year listing in the Sex Offender Registry of Canada, a second listing in the Sex Offender Registry of Canada for life, reports of uttering threats, sexual interference, child pornography, sexual assault, tampering with evidence, deemed unsuitable for “sex offender treatment” Yet, seemingly, intelligent enough to coach a prospective witness, also, to know that he was going back to jail for possessing child pornography, to coerce a victim to be silent, to lure, to groom, to ply his prey with alcohol, to find, to pursue in a manner that might be considered stalking for want of a better word (emails, texts, showing up at an underage female’s school.. et cetera)

I’ll not be silenced.

Some person(s) do not seem to be capable of empathy. Among this group of person(s) I would include psychopath(s), sociopath(s) and pedophile(s) not limited to these type of person(s) would be supporter(s), imo, whether they are incapable of availing themselves of fact(s) or wishful thinkers who are of a mind that “Done their time” makes for useful, productive citizen(s) who will forever into the future posing no further threat to the safety of child(ren), I believe you to be acting in a manner that is similar in action to an ostrich with its head burrowed in the sand.